Christmas 2018 @GPC

At Christmas we remember the miraculous wonder of the incarnation – God became flesh. The king became a servant. The unchanging Lord of eternity became a fragile baby.

Join us over the next few weeks as we prepare to worship Jesus for what he has done.

Sunday the 16th @10am – “My God is So Big!”
Sunday the 23rd @10am – “Your God is too Small!”
Christmas day at 9:30am – “Our God Became Small!”

Man’s maker was made man,
that He, Ruler of the stars, might nurse at His mother’s breast;
that the Bread might hunger,
the Fountain thirst,
the Light sleep,
the Way be tired on its journey;
that the Truth might be accused of false witness,
the Teacher be beaten with whips,
the Foundation be suspended on wood;
that Strength might grow weak;
that the Healer might be wounded;
that Life might die.