Breaking the Silence is the child protection and conduct policy of the Presbyterian Church in NSW.

It is a requirement of the church that all leaders and volunteers in leadership roles have completed the BTS Basic Training course, which is renewed every three years. If you are in a position that requires face-to-face involvement with children, you must also complete a short refresher training course every year.

If you have not undertaken the basic course of training before, or it has been three years since you’ve completed the training:
There are two ways to complete the Course:
  • Breaking The Silence Basic Training courses are sometimes run at the church or in the area. Usually they involve an afternoon of face to face training. Speak to one of the Elders, David Campbell or Andrew Campbell, to see if the course is going to be run soon.
  • If a course is not being offered locally you will need to complete it online. The material is all available at Jericho Road. If you would like a printed copy of the workbook please speak to either David Campbell or Andrew Campbell. Once you have completed the training please contact either David or Andrew to advise of completion.
If you need to complete a refresher course: